Using my Coachcard with National Express


Public transport is notoriously expensive in the United Kingdom. Local journeys can cost a fortune and a one-way 25-mile train journey used to cost me just nine pence less than a flight to Warsaw in November 2016!

One cheaper way to get around the country, however, is by coach. National Express is the United Kingdom’s leading coach company and connects over 900 destinations nationwide. Whether you want to travel down south for a long weekend in London or fancy a city break in Glasgow, National Express is one of the cheapest ways to do so.

Not only do they have competitive prices, but they also offer discounts on them too, thanks to their membership scheme – Coachcard.

What is a Coachcard?


A Coachcard entitles holders to up to a third off the cost of their standard and fully-flexible coach tickets with National Express, year-round, costing a small, one-off fee.

Coachcards can be for one year or three, and have three tiers of eligibility:

  • Young Persons Coachcard: For those aged between 16 and 26 years old
  • Senior Coachcard: For those 60 years or over
  • Disabled Coachcard: For anyone who is registered as disabled

Do I have a Coachcard?

Of course I do (it's the one in the pic above)! I’ve used National Express services numerous times over the past few years and having a Young Persons Coachcard has saved me quite a bit of money over time. It’s easy to get, easy to use and if you would like to snap one up for yourself, click here.