How to get to Liechtenstein

The Zolstrasse Road Bridge which straddles the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The Zolstrasse Road Bridge which straddles the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The double-landlocked nation of Liechtenstein in central Europe isn’t the world’s easiest country to access. With no airports, only four train stations and poor direct international links, getting there can prove to be quite the task.

But not to worry, as this guide will help you get to the world’s sixth smallest country safe and sound.

Liechtenstein’s tourism tends to focus on three main areas – Vaduz, the capital, Schaan, where many hotels are located, and Malbun, a ski resort.

Getting to Schaan and Vaduz

Liechtenstein's capital, Vaduz.

Liechtenstein's capital, Vaduz.

To Buchs or Sargans by train


Buchs and Sargans are two small towns that sit on the Swiss side of the Switzerland-Liechtenstein border, both of which have train stations operating services to Zurich – the main source of entry for Liechtenstein-bound travellers.

If you’re heading for Schaan and Vaduz, take the train from Zurich to Buchs, but disembark at Sargans if Liechtenstein’s southernmost region is your terminus.

Getting from Buchs to Schaan and Vaduz


Liechtenstein bus 12 runs every 15 minutes from Buchs to Schaan bus terminal. Connecting buses from Schaan to Vaduz can be picked up here, and there is also an information office if you need assistance or tickets.

Those who want a little extra novelty can take advantage of Liechtenstein’s open borders by walking over the Rhine via the Zolstrasse Road Bridge and crossing from Switzerland to Liechtenstein on foot. The border runs down the centre of the river, with signs and floor markings indicating where the two countries converge –  a great spot to stop and take a souvenir photograph!

The walk from Buchs to Schaan takes around half an hour, although it’s another 40 minutes on to Vaduz, so it might be best to take the bus between the two municipalities.

Getting to Schaan and Vaduz from Feldkirch

Liechtenstein's buses are a distinctive green colour.

Liechtenstein's buses are a distinctive green colour.

Mirroring Buchs and Sargans, Feldkirch in western Austria is the main point of entry into east Liechtenstein.

Although you can walk across the border from the Austrian side, getting to Vaduz or Schaan will be more of a task as both cities are in the west of the country. Your best bet is to catch the green Liechtenstein bus which will run your to the capital and beyond.

Getting to Malbun


If you’re heading on a ski holiday to the Rhine Valley resort of Malbun, chances are you’ll have transfers already sorted. The two closest airports – Zurich Airport in Switzerland and Freidrichshafen Airport in Germany – are both over 100 kilometres away, and with insufficient public transport and ridiculously expensive taxis connecting the them, it is both time and cost effective to pre-book transfers with your travel agent or ski provider.