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The Republic of The Gambia is a small nation in west Africa that is surrounded by Senegal on all but one side, which is its coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The nation sits either side of the Gambia River, and is the smallest country in continental Africa.

The Gambia became a part of the British Empire after an agreement with the French Republic in 1889, and while they went on to gain their independence in February 1965, their official language remains English to this day.

They country was ruled for 22-years by iron-fisted president Yahya Jammeh, who came to power following a bloodless coup in 1994. But despite bringing stability to the country, his reign met an acrimonious end when he was defeated in a shock election result by now-president Adama Barrow, and Jammeh only left office after intervention from neighbouring countries and the threat of military action.

Nicknamed ‘The Smiling Coast,’ The Gambia is one of Africa’s major tourist destinations and is one of the continent’s safest and most inviting countries.

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Did you know?

  • The Gambia’s main export is peanuts and peanut products.

  • The capital city of Banjul is on an island, connected to the mainland by Denton Bridge.

  • The lead character in Alex Haley’s famous fictional novel ‘Roots,’ Kunta Kinte, was from The Gambia.

  • The Gambia left the Commonwealth in 2013.

  • The national football team of The Gambia is nicknamed ‘The Scorpions.’