Well, this is crap…


It’s funny how quickly things come and go. For so long I had been looking forward to heading north to Oslo, the first proper leg of my travels, yet that’s now been in the books for a while.

In fact since then, I’ve been to Eindhoven and just two days ago returned from a short break in Belfast. That’s three places in a little under a month – never have I ever been on so many flights in such a short amount of time (yes, those familiar with the popular university game may now drink!).

But let’s face it, I’m a student. I started this blog with the intention of ‘supplementing my life with a heavy dose of travel.’ That means not abandoning my education and career to go globetrotting, but rather accompanying a regular workload by heading to places in my free time, and doing so as frequently as possible.

It also means that I am limited in some aspects. Yes, I have a job, but that’s only part-time due to my studies. That, in turn, means that I have a limited budget on which to work as well as being restricted as to when to go away due to having a set number of holidays.

And two of those factors are exactly why I have to wait almost a month and a half until I can hit the road yet again.

That will come next month on 12 March, to be precise, but for now those 36-and-a-bit days seem an eternity away.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, the last 24 days have played host to trips to three different countries – Norway, the Netherlands and Northern Ireland (all of which, coincidentally, begin with ‘N’) – and yet the current wait is more than one-and-a-half times that to go again.

Having ‘travel blues’ currently feels like a gross understatement.

Though I have to remember, whilst that may seem an age away, it wasn’t all that long ago when I was caught in the ‘norm’ – unaware that going on holiday or travelling is not just limited to once a year in the summer, nor does it have to be somewhere particularly warm.

That realisation came early last year after I got back from Krakow and was invited on a trip to Dublin just two months later. Neither was in the summer, nor was it warm – but it helped me recognise that a lifestyle with travel is something I wanted to pursue and set a goal of travelling each month, whether it’s a short trip or two weeks away

Standing outside Dublin's Aviva Stadium.

Standing outside Dublin's Aviva Stadium.

So while this may be a long wait, at least I can take comfort in knowing that good times and travel are just around the corner.