Let the travelling begin!

Here I am atop St Olaf's Church overlooking Tallinn, Estonia.

Here I am atop St Olaf's Church overlooking Tallinn, Estonia.

It’s been a long four months.

It was just September when I was sat at Tallinn Airport waiting to return to the UK after spending a week and a half exploring the Baltic states and Finland.

I didn’t have the travel blues like I normally do when heading home, nor was I particularly disappointed that the trip was drawing to a close.

In fact, I felt quite the opposite.

I was overly satisfied if anything, not disappointed after enjoying 11 days of going from one country to the next, though I was almost annoyed at myself for not feeling sad.

But something changed. I didn’t have that overwhelming ‘goodbye, farewell’ sensation. Instead it was replaced with excitement and the knowledge that this was something I could continue doing, and it stuck.

Then just a month, or so, later I was sitting by myself in the new university house I’d recently moved into and instantaneously came up with the idea to make a travel blog.

It’s completely cliché, but it was like the lightbulb above the head scene from a cartoon. It was like my mind had, subconsciously, pieced together two of my passions – travel and journalism – and fused them together to create the perfect project for me to work on.

And here I am now, typing this 37,000 feet in the air (an unofficial estimation) over the North Sea flying to the capital of Norway to do the first bit of travelling on what will be a long and, hopefully, rewarding journey.

Oh, and someone’s just farted, so I’m sat in the midst of a terrible, lingering smell that won’t dissipate. The perils of budget travel, eh?

Oslo, I cannot wait.