Last-minute Christmas gift ideas for travellers


With less two weeks to go, Christmas is finally in sight, and while those of us who are ultra-organised will have already found the perfect presents for their loved ones, there are some who are facing a last-minute dash to make sure that their friends and family don’t go empty-handed on Christmas Day.

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for someone and they’re a keen traveller, then there are plenty of suitable presents you can still pick up. Here are a few suggestions.


While the internet may have thrust their popularity into sharp decline, guidebooks still make a great present, especially if the traveller you’re buying for has somewhere booked, or their heart set on a destination for 2019. Not only are you giving them recommendations for where they’re going to go, but you’ll also be helping to get them in the mood for their next adventure, which is never a bad thing.

Travel toiletries

Toiletries are a key component of the traveller’s toolkit, and what’s great is that they’re always running out, so even if you buy something they already have (whether that’s a small deodorant, mini hairspray or pocket-sized hand sanitiser), they’ll still have use for it in the near future. Make sure to get liquids under 100 millilitres as this is the maximum amount that a single container can hold in hand luggage.



Giving someone money at Christmas may seem a little generic or impersonal, but if you know that they’re off on their travels soon and to what destination, you can purchase. Just don’t make the same mistake my grandmother did a couple of years ago and get Euros instead of Złoty for a trip to Poland.

Packing cubes


If anyone’s reading this and thinking of buying me a Christmas gift, then – hint, hint – packing cubes would come in handy. It’s something I’d never considered before, but when you’re not travelling light and taking a suitcase or large backpack with you, packing cubes are great for organisation and can help save time and prevent excessive unpacking and repacking.



These look absolutely ridiculous, but the Ostrichpillow is one of the most versatile ways to get sleep in transit. They may end up looking like Joey from Friends when he got a turkey stuck on his head, but at least they’ll be able to get some sleep while you’re at it.

Gifts to avoid

Scratch maps

It’s 2018 outside and by now, virtually every seasoned traveller owns a scratch map. I myself own three, bought for me over each of the last three Christmases. While the thought is great, I don’t need a fourth and for others, it might just be best to assume that they already have at least one.

Inflatable neck pillows

They may come on their own, or as part of a travel kit, but pass on buying an inflatable neck pillow. They don’t last long, they’re not really comfortable and any serious traveller would rather have something soft like a memory foam neck pillow or the Ostrichpillow I mentioned above.

Travel-related DVDs

We’ve moved on now. DVDs for Christmas are out, and whatever you suggest can be found on the internet. Thank you, next.