How to keep safe and sound on your next trip abroad

Travelling is often one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences anyone could possibly have – if you do it sensibly. Sure, it’s a time for adventure and unparalleled fun you wouldn’t find elsewhere, but it’s crucial you’re staying safe as you do it.

Here are some essential tips for staying safe and sound on your next trip abroad.

Keep a close eye on your belongings


Too many travellers are burdened with the hassle of losing their belongings during their trip. Whether it be simply misplacing them or having them stolen, it’s all too common – ensure you’re taking all the right precautions in order to keep your things safe and sound.

Unfortunately, when it comes to losing your belongings, insurance can become complicated. Should it not have been through any fault of your own (you couldn’t have prevented it), you’ll likely be covered; losing your things due to your own negligence is a harder situation to remedy, though. And, with 28% of people failing to protect themselves on holiday, it’s a situation that is all too common.

Don’t head off the beaten track

Sure, exploring the lesser-known areas of your location makes for a thrilling adventure. But if you’re wanting to conquer an uncharted hideaway, do it with a tour guide – don’t feel that you’d be able to do it alone. Too often do travellers find themselves in dangerous predicaments as a result of overconfidence.

If you want to explore a lesser-known location, do your research beforehand. Don’t head into dangerous territory with no prior knowledge, as the risks could simply be too hazardous. Make sure you’re always with someone, too, or at least let people know where you’re going in case the worst is to happen.

Be cautious with what you’re eating


The “Delhi belly” you’ve likely heard a lot about is very real, and can be spurred on by many different causes. Be sure to ease your way into the cuisine, as opposed to diving in head first – gorging on too much spicy or risky food could throw you off for the rest of your trip.

Make sure you’re eating from reputable establishments, too. Food poisoning is another common problem for many travellers, and it’s caused by eating at the wrong places. Be sure to enquire with locals in order to be aware of where you should be eating.

Don’t invest too much trust in strangers

Although you should open up and chat to those around you when you travel – the stories you’ll likely hear will be the highlight of your trip – it’s crucial you’re not investing too much trust into people you don’t know. 

Don’t leave your things with strangers, and don’t follow them to a location you’re unfamiliar with. Be sure to use the safe in your hostel or accommodation, too – although your roommates may seem friendly, their intentions may lay elsewhere. 

Avoid the typical scams

There are plenty of common scams travellers fail to recognise during their trips, meaning they’re often set back by opportunistic locals trying to get more money from them. Watch out for taxi drivers turning off their meters, people outside of major tourist attractions stating they’re “closed” and trying to get you to go elsewhere, as well as vendors in marketplaces charging much more than they should.

If you do encounter any of these scams, be sure to haggle and refuse paying up. You could find your budget dwindling rather quickly if you’re not careful.

What else should your fellow travellers be watching out for? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.