Are you a digital nomad looking for coworking spaces? Here's what to look for


Coworking spaces are ideal for digital nomads, new entrepreneurs, or anyone who works from home. They provide a space to do all of your work and help to put you in a more professional frame of mind.

With coworking spaces, you’ll likely spend quite a bit of your time there throughout the day. So, you’ll want to find one that provides the right atmosphere. Not every coworking space is the same, which is why you should take a look at the place before deciding on whether it’s right for you. Not sure what to look for in the coworking space? Here are a few pointers on what to look for.

Noise Levels


When you’re looking for unorthodox work areas outside, you want to envisage the ideal working situation.

If you’re someone who prefers to have a quiet office, you want to find a coworking space that is the same. However, if you prefer to have some background noise and don’t mind people playing music, you’ll want to consider that as well. Speak with the manager of the space to get a feel of what the general noise levels are like.



What’s your first impression when you walk into a coworking space? Do you feel welcome? Does it give off an air of professionalism? Would you prefer that the coworking space be more isolated and less of a hangout spot? These are things you’ll want to consider when searching for the best coworking space to fit your needs.

Seating Arrangements


A suitable coworking space is one that provides a variety of seating options. Whether you’re looking for a community table, private desk, or an enclosed conference room for phone calls and meetings, you’ll want to have the facilities to be able to do so. No matter how you like to work, a good coworking space should provide all means to do so.



A coworking space is supposed to resemble an office-like atmosphere, just more open, and it should have all the amenities a regular office provides. Look for coworking spaces that have a private meeting room, a break room with the necessary appliances, a printer and photocopier and, of course, fast, wireless internet.

You need to consider everything that you will need to work efficiently and effectively. If the coworking space you’re looking at doesn’t have everything you’ll need to succeed, then it’s clearly not the best fit for you and your needs.



The location of the coworking space can be a dealbreaker for some. If you have a long commute to your rented space, or it is in an area of the city you’re not a fan of, it’s not going to be a desirable property. Look for a space that is in a convenient end of town and one that you won’t mind traveling to on a regular basis.

The perfect coworking space all depends on your needs. Everyone’s working habits are different, and that is why you need to look around and compare the options to see which coworking space best suits you.