5 ways to save money for your travels


Whether you’re wanting to take a city break in Barcelona, spend a week lapping up the sunshine in Bali or want to spend your entire summer on the road, there’s going to be financial costs involved.

For a lot of people, travel is not only something we love to do, we work towards and we strive for, but also something that is a monetary hurdle. Even small trips require a substantial outlay. You may find cheap flights and a great deal on a hotel, but you’ll also need spending money so that food, drink, transport, attractions, activities and other travel expenses are also covered.

Having travelled to over 60 countries as both a student and a full-time worker, I’ve saved and spent a hell of a lot on globetrotting. Here are a few things I’ve picked up on the way that have helped me save and fund my travels.

1. Make it your priority

One of the key reasons that I have travelled so much and that I have afforded doing so is that I have made travel one of my top priorities. Not only is it something that I have been completely obsessed with from a young age, but it is my career, my hobby and something I love to do.

I have chosen travel over nights out, over buying expensive clothes, over getting a nice car and so many other things, because it is what I want to do the most. If you dedicate more of your time, energy and resources towards travelling, then the likelihood is you’ll end up travelling more.

2. Save up


This may seem extremely obvious, but putting some money aside from each month’s pay check can go a long way in the pursuit of travel. Whether you choose to open a dedicated account and pay in a standing order at regular intervals, you withdraw whatever cash you can and put it away for a rainy day or choose to employ some other saving tactic

3. Sell stuff

Do you have things you seldom use lying around the house? Why not make some cash from it instead of letting it gather dust. I’ve recently sold books, football shirts, a drone, camera equipment and a few other bits that I had little use for, and that money has gone straight into my travel fund.

It doesn’t even have to be small things you rarely use, you could also get rid of things you value less than travel. Selling a games console, selling your car if it’s not a necessity or even selling some of your clothes on a site like Depop are all ways you can earn a little bit extra.

4. Buy foreign currency


A slightly different way of saving is to buy foreign currency. If you’re desperate to go to New York, for example, switch your money for dollars so you’re not tempted to spend your pounds. That way, you’ll rack up your spending money and you’ll stop yourself from spending it before your trip.

5. Earn more

This is easier said than done, but why not see if there is any overtime at work you can do to earn some extra money or, if your spare time allows it, get a second job? It doesn’t have to be full time or contacted work, you could have a little side hustle. Whether it’s a bit of freelancing, taking paid surveys or something more hipster like drop shipping, the extra pounds will soon become your next holiday.