Welcome to new-look TravellingTom.COM


Earlier this week my website turned one and to celebrate I, fittingly, wrote a blog post to highlight the milestone.

It came right off the back of an invite to my first press event and receiving the first bit of money I’ve made from travel blogging, personal achievements which made it a massive few days for me.

But to round that all off I’ve done a couple more things – the first of which I’d like to point out by saying hello.

Welcome to TravellingTom.com!

Yes, TravellingTom.co.uk is no more (well, it still directs to this website) and my lead domain is a more catchier-sounding .com address.

Along with the re-launch of my website under its new domain, I have updated its look by reorganising a few bits and pieces and using higher quality images throughout the design.

Something which I’ve been thinking about for a while is how I not only want this place to be somewhere I can share my travel stories and travel memories with you guys, but I also want it to be a travel resource which can benefit you, the audience.

Posing for a photo in Minsk's Independence Square a few weeks ago.

Posing for a photo in Minsk's Independence Square a few weeks ago.

I have a new review section where I’ll be reviewing travel books, media and products, a travel news section, an improved home for travel tips, a travel resources page to help you book and enjoy your travels and an updated bucket list.

Along with the new domain and revamp of my blog, I’ve also decided to start making travel videos. The medium of YouTube is fast-becoming one of the best and most-engaging ways to provide content online, and I want to get in on the fun.

So now you can find my brand-spanking-new channel here, along with my first-ever travel video about the vibrant city of Vienna!

Make sure to check back each week as I’ll be aiming to release new videos every Sunday, and if you could subscribe to my channel then I would be delighted!

If there is anything else that you would like to see here at TravellingTom.com, then contact me using the information on my ‘Work With Me’ page, or get in touch with me over one of my social media channels.

So that’s it – a massive, perhaps pivotal week in the life of Travelling Tom. Please, enjoy the new content and share it with people you think it will benefit – and don’t worry, there’s plenty more where this came from!