Did shark go down well? Find out in the video below!

Did shark go down well? Find out in the video below!

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So we headed to Iceland to mainly explore its natural beauty – some of which can be found surrounding its capital and biggest city – Reykjavík.

It was here we feasted on obscure delicacies while reviling in a place like no other and all it had to offer.

From a penis museum to the island of Videy and Kolaportid flea market to the National Museum of Iceland, it had a lot to do and see.

We were also able to use our Reykjavík City Cards, provided to us by Visit Reykjavík. Find out more about those here.

Find out what we thought of the museum dedicated to male genitalia, trying fermented shark and everything else we got up to by watching part one of my Iceland travel vlog series.

If you’ve ever been to Reykjavík before, then let me know the cool things that I might have missed out on in the comments section below!