Turn a ski holiday into a ski season with an internship or instructor course

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Skiing is one of the most popular types of holiday for all ages, and it’s easy to see why. From the adrenaline-rush as you barrel your way down a mountain against the backdrop of incredible scenery to the buzz and hubbub of the famous après ski – it has everything that makes a trip great from dusk ‘til dawn and beyond.

Whether you’re passionate about skiing or simply eager to try something new, turn your beloved skiing holiday into a ski season by partaking in one of WE ARE SNO’s ski instructor internships and courses.

WE ARE SNO offer ski instructor courses for snow enthusiasts and cater to a wide range of people whether you’re taking a gap year, career break or you simply just want to do something different!


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Because living a life on the slopes is awesome! Wake up every morning to a beautiful white carpet and do something you love, while meeting new people and making friends and memories to last a lifetime!

Each internship gives you the chance to learn and work at world-class resorts across the world, with expert tuition and the opportunity to attain internationally-recognised qualifications.

WE ARE SNO’s dedicated team have been responsible for organising and facilitating instructor training for decades and, following the completion of your internship, you will receive a paid instructor job offer – guaranteed.


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The ski and snowboard instructor courses that they offer are available in Canada, a country known for its powder snow, back country riding and legendary terrain, making it one of the top places to spend a winter season. Canada is also one of the best places to go for international applicants due to the ease of obtaining a working holiday visa. Here you’ll work towards the CSIA and CASI qualifications.

WE ARE SNO also run courses in Japan and Switzerland, and qualifications will vary by country.


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You don’t have to have professional experience under your belt, nor do you have to be a world-class skier to apply. All you need to do is to head to the WE ARE SNO website and check your eligibility. You’ll get an instant answer and the opportunity to order your free brochure, so you can find out more about this incredible programme. A representative will also be in touch within 24 hours to introduce themselves and discuss what’s on offer in more detail.

The application process is open to people aged 18-30 and, if you are eligible, you can get started on it right away!

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If you love hitting the slopes but skiing isn’t your thing, don’t panic, as WE ARE SNO have you covered with snowboard instructor internships, so boot up and strap in!

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To find out more about WE ARE SNO’s ski and snowboard instructor programmes and internships, visit their website.