Kidding around: 'Peter-Panning' emerging as a theme for British holidaymakers


A study by travel deal finders HolidayPirates has found that half of adults in Britain are choosing to re-book their favourite childhood holidays and activities in a bid to stay happy and feel young.

Dubbed "Peter-Panning," research suggests that 1 in 2 British adults have admitted to booking a holiday that re-creates or draws parallels to getaways they enjoyed as youngsters.

Nearly two-thirds (60%) of those who have re-booked a favourite family holiday did so to bring back happy memories.

Those surveyed admitted to being attracted by activities like go-karting and Laser Quest, while other types of holidays revisited by Brits includes cottage or chalets and going to Disneyland. Bringing children along appeared to be optional.

HolidayPirates has been helping travellers find great deals since 2011. Image credit:    HolidayPirates   /Fair Use

HolidayPirates has been helping travellers find great deals since 2011. Image credit: HolidayPirates/Fair Use

Psychologist Emma Kenny, who has appeared on programmes such as ITV's This Morning and Big Brother, amongst others,  has taken a deeper look into the benefits that revisiting childhood memories has on adult wellbeing.

She said: "With childhood having such an emotional impact, particularly holidays enjoyed as a family, it is no surprise we're seeing a 'Peter Panning' effect on the way adults choose to spend their holiday and leisure time.

"It's clear that indulging in some good old-fashioned play time should not jut be confined to childhood.

"This is especially important during our planned holidays, where we designate time to rest and recuperation, switching off from the hustle and bustle of every day life."

The research coincided with the release of HolidayPirates' 'Big Kid Breaks', with holidays for adults that allow them to relive their childhood memories with ease.

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