The most relaxing experiences in Sicily

Image credit: Mary Johnson

Image credit: Mary Johnson

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By Mary Johnson

Every now and then, we need to have some time off from work. We need to relax. So, where else to have the perfect relaxing holiday if not in a beautiful island?

Sicily, in the southern part of Italy offers some of the best and some of the most relaxing holiday experiences for anyone. But first of all, it is important to book your accommodation in advance.

You could check out some villas in Sicily on sites like this one near the coast or if you prefer to be immersed in green and fresh surroundings, you can choose to stay in the heart of the Madonie Mountains. Having a comfortable place that caters to your every need will help you get that relaxing holiday you’ve always wanted.

Aside from that, you can try my suggestions to maximise your Sicilian getaway.

1) Get pampered in a spa

There are spa establishments across the island. There are hotels and wellness centres that will truly help you release all that stress from work and renew your energy and rejuvenate you totally. Complete relaxation and pampering services are provided to make you have a sublime experience.

Some of the best spa centres can be found in Taormina such as the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo which pampers every guest with an authentic luxurious Sicilian style treatment. You might also be interested to try the Oasi della Salute Volcanic Mineral Pools if you go to the island of Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands.

2) Go down to the beach

Ah, the beach! Sicily is blessed with some of the best ones around. Some are lined with lidos, restaurants, hotels and shops while others are hidden gems perfect for days when you want to hear just the waves lapping on the shore.

The most popular beaches near Palermo are Mondello, Cefalu and San Vito Lo Capo. If you happen to be in Taormina, visit the beautiful Isola Bella, Mazzaro and Giardini Naxos. Rent a boat and enjoy the beaches in the Aeolian Islands or do some water activity like snorkeling, fishing, or diving. On the other hand, the Scala dei Turchi will captivate you with its beautiful panorama.

3) Go on a food excursion

What other thing can satisfy the senses other than the rich, delicious culinary culture of the island? You will love Sicilian food and a few days are not enough to try them all!

The various cultural influences of the island have left a culinary smorgasbord that is a passionate reflection of the land, sea and sun. These dishes will not only satiate the hunger but will also leave you wanting for more.

Try Sicilian street food such as arancini and sfincioni. You should also try any or all of those with eggplant (also known as aubergine) such as Pasta alla Norma, ciambotta, caponata or parmigiana. Seafood is great as they are caught daily catch. Be adventurous and try Spaghetti ai Ricci which is prepared with sea urchins. If you are not inclined to try that, a tuna or swordfish steak is equally delicious. For desserts and sweets, Sicily is the place to be. Cassata, cannoli, gelato and marzipan are some of the more popular fares.

When in Sicily, leave work and your worries behind and let the island pamper you during your stay. Take advantage of the time off and enjoy yourself to the max!