Blowing off Brussels to booking the Big Apple - What a week it’s been


It’s been an odd week, that’s for sure.

But one of the best things about travel is the memories it creates and the stories that come along with it.

Yes, this isn’t something I shall remember with the utmost fondness. 31 innocent people lost their lives, and a terrorist attack essentially meant that instead of enjoying a three-day jaunt to Belgium’s capital, I had a week off with only the miserable British weather to scowl at.

To try and improve our spirits I and the friend I was going to travel with went out for a meal to what was, essentially, a blatant copy of the Almost Famous chain of restaurants, and then for a few drinks afterwards. Although enjoyable, we both knew that it just wasn’t the same as chowing down on Belgian waffles and a pint of home-brewed Stella.

This is the type of cuisine we should have been sampling. Image credit:  Samuel Ramkalawan / Flickr

This is the type of cuisine we should have been sampling. Image credit: Samuel Ramkalawan/Flickr

There was a definite feeling of disappointment – especially as it seems unlikely that we won’t be able to get a refund from Ryanair for our flights – but the week wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Not going to Brussels gave me three whole days to twiddle my thumbs, and I’d decided to use my time to sort out something else I’d been asked to – booking New York.

As it turns out, my brother is turning 18 at the end of the year, and he wants the same present that I got on my own 18th birthday – a trip to New York City.

And so knowing that I am so clued up when it comes to booking trips away, my Dad – who is paying for the trip – asked me to organise it.

The original plan was to head out there just before Christmas – a couple of weeks after the birthday itself – and spend seven days there. But instead we settled on February half term 2017, which ended up saving my Dad hundreds of pounds.

If you’ve been following my blog or even know me in real life, then you will know of my love of the city that never sleeps. To go from the lows of missing out on Brussels to the highs of booking NYC in a matter of days has been quite the contrast, yet has provided the narrative for a week of mixed emotions.

I guess it’s all about moving forward and looking forward to the next thing. It hasn’t been the greatest of starts to a year on a personal level, but if we keep moving forward and make sure that there’s plenty to look forward to, then we can’t be too disappointed in the past.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Easter weekend!