Blogger mail: A travel package from Earex

My gift package from Earex.

My gift package from Earex.

As a blogger I get a fair few emails each week, some of which aren’t as exciting as I would like them to be.

Press releases seem to be the flavour of the month, some unrelated, such as the one announcing that a British furniture manufacturer had secured investment – a vital slab of information for a travel blogger to know, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Some are really good though. Just yesterday I had a message from a hotel group in Mexico offering me a free stay in one of their accommodations which, if I was heading to Mexico or lived even remotely near, would have been great.

Then there’s those offering me a product tester, or an email – a bit like the one Earex sent me the other day.

Earex are a company who make ear care products, and with summer fast approaching they want to let travellers how to take care of their ears on holiday.

Earex Olive Oil and Earex Advance ear drops can help treat excess earwax, which can be a side effect of ear infections from things such as dealing with different air pressures during flights, while the olive oil drops help to relieve swimmer’s ear – a common side effect of a popular holiday pastime.

Earex Ear Drops Olive Oil Advanced

It was nice to come home to a little care package last week, complete with both sets of drops as well as some cool wireless headphones.

Although it may be tempting to use your listen to your favourite tunes using in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds, it can actually worsen earwax build-up, preventing wax from dispelling naturally. Just one hour of wearing earbuds can increase the bacteria in your ear by up to 700 times, while over-ear headphones are a much better alternative.

Earex Wireless Headphones

And while I’ve never really had any problems with my ears, it’s good to know I’m now covered if I get an ear infection on holiday – with bottles small enough to fit inside my toiletries bag in my hand luggage. Thanks, Earex!