5 great value-for-money destinations you may never have heard of

Taiwan is a prime example of a value-for-money destination.

Taiwan is a prime example of a value-for-money destination.

Travelling is increasingly becoming more of an accessible hobby as opposed to the exclusive luxury it once was. It now feels as though almost everyone travels, especially now that the industry offers access to great destinations for increasingly declining prices. But sometimes finding a real value-for-money destination can be like negotiating a minefield – so I’ve saved you the work and picked out five that are definitely worth considering.

1. Agra, India

Locals visiting Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

Locals visiting Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

India is a fantastic country to visit thanks to a combination natural beauty and strong culture, giving birth to a number of exciting and world-renowned travel experiences. It is also a place that will amaze you with stunning architecture, incredible works of art and exciting adventure activities.

If you are visiting India, consider a trip to Agra. The destination is home to a monument you may be familiar with – the famous Taj Mahal. It is also an affordable destination, especially when you consider that it is home to one of the most well-known buildings, and popular tourist sites, in the world.

2. The Gili Islands, Indonesia

Beanbag chairs on the beach = cool. Hipster WiFi signs = lame.

Beanbag chairs on the beach = cool. Hipster WiFi signs = lame.

Bali is the go-to destination in Indonesia, however, Bali can act as a gateway for your adventure in the country, rather than the sole base. After spending one or two days in Bali, consider going on a trip to the gorgeous Gili Islands, which are just off the coast of neighbouring Lombok.

Get there by booking a fast boat to Gilis, which is now an easy process thanks to ferry providers like Duck Ferries. Visit https://www.duckferries.com/bali to secure a seat to the any of the small islands including Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

3. Penang, Malaysia

Khoo Kongsi is one of Penang’s most intricately-decorated buildings.

Khoo Kongsi is one of Penang’s most intricately-decorated buildings.

Another beautiful Asian destination to visit is Penang in Malaysia. This time, the destination offers something that only a handful of other destinations can offer – a trip back in time. Penang is a well-preserved place, home to an abundance of old architecture, helping to give it a truly unique ambience.

Aside from being affordable, Penang is also very exciting, particularly for those who want to indulge their senses. The cuisines here is delicious, and there are plenty of activities and walking trails to add to your itinerary.

4. Taipei, Taiwan


If you are looking for a place to shop ‘til you drop, Taipei may well be the answer. Set aside a fair portion of your travel budget for shopping rather than on hotels and flights, because they’re probably better value thank you think. And if shopping isn’t your thing, why not go down the luxury route while visiting the city?

The capital city of Taiwan is a busy hub for both business and leisure travellers, and places like Xiamen are filled with retailers and stores just waiting to be explored.

5. Puebla, Mexico

We really can’t talk about value-for-money destinations without talking about Mexico. The country has long been a popular destination for travellers who seek a warm and tranquil atmosphere. The city of Puebla is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and was recommended by Forbes as one of their 18 Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2019. Expect to see gorgeous architecture, rich history and awesome landmarks while exploring this beautiful destination.

Puebla is also very quiet. While there are thousands of travellers roaming the city every day, the place is big enough for everyone to feel spread out, making it perfect for when you just want to have a more relaxing day.

Have you got any under-the-radar destinations that are value for money? Let me know in the comments below! 👇